Information About Göktürk

Information about Gokturk and Gokturk Alphabet


Gokturk; the language of the Gokturks was used in the Gokturk (Orhon) and Yenisei inscriptions, so it became the official language of this empire. Göktürk has been named by linguists in different forms. Many different things have also been said for the alphabet in the Orhon writings. As it has been suggested that it is an original Turkish script because it was born from ideograms (a method of showing thoughts with pictures and similar signs, not with sound),it is considered by some scholars to be an underused Alphabet associated with a Runic (Germanic) source. There are also those who argue that they may have derived from the” Hun " alphabet from the Lycian and Hittite Alphabet. In addition, the majority of those who claim that the original form of this article is Aramaic, but that the Turks nationalized it. Some have suggested that Pahlavice and Chinese also have influence. The number of letters used in these inscriptions is 38 (4 vowels, 34 consonants),one im was used for the vowels A-E, i-i, o-ö, u-ü. 20 of the consonants begin with A and e (A) b (E) d (a) g (e) g... some properties; in Gokturk writings, the sentence structure usually follows the subject+predicate order. In all Turkish dialects today in Gokturk, its structure usually follows the order of subject+integer+predicate. Gokturk is the first form of many crops that are used today, as in all Turkish dialects, or have undergone some changes or are no longer used.


  1. at-i-g (Name)
  2. Shab-i-g)
  3. törü-g (ceremony)
  4. son-I-n (son)
  5. West-i-na (to the West)

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